Friday, August 31, 2012

Misteri CInta Bilik Mandi Di Brazil (English)

The myth of the bathroom Blonde is known almost everywhere in brazil,being reported in numerous ways,not only by those who claim to have had the experience of meeting unexpected and undesirable with this fantastic creature,but also by those who heard the story from the mouth who claim to have seen,some day,these apparition is nothing reassuring.

Therefore,the places where the fantastic creature that appears are varied,including them schools,hospitals,shopping malls,restaurants,highway or streets of any city.

Truck drivers often give news of the emergency of this view in bathrooms of gas stations of fuel installed on the banks of the busiest roads,and they all report that the woman who appears to them almost always has his back,but anyone realizes his body is beautiful,her legs well made and long,straight hair,and bright,but wothout definite colour.Nut when she turns and faces the unfortunate seeing that, it shows you a face bruised,bloodied and contracted by fear of something, thus giving a big scare in poor sap that but now surely awaits all, less so.

This urban legend is contemporary with minor modifications in all regions of the country, which is why it is known by many names assimilited 'Blonde the bathroom in some places','Blonde Phantom in others'.'Big Blonde,girl or simply Cotton Blonde in certain cities,and so on.

Both can be a girl in the prime of life,as a awoman ever made,married or not ,but his appearances invariably happen in public restrooms,in the form of a female figure with wide blonde hair, the colour of very pale face,sunken eyes marked by dark circles and baggy black, bringing the nostrils plugged with cotton balls, as if to prevent blood flow.

Generally, it is said that the blonde in the bathroom, as its name implies, lives in the bathrooms of the schools, and the explanation of his preference for the so-called toilets is that it is the spirit of a student who liked to "kill" classes, and to do it as a hideout used cubicles exist in these halls female health.

One day, legend has it, she slipped on the wet floor, hit his head on a corner, fractured his skull and died right there, without that might help.

But dissatisfied with the tragic and premature end he had in life, his soul still does not take the path intended for him, and so it remains there, waiting or wishing not know what.

In another version, it is a teacher who loves to be filled in by one of his students, departed from the cuckolded husband, jealous and angry that he killed her with a knife in one of the bathrooms of the school where she taught.

Since then, the schoolteacher victimized by the follies of love appears to students at any time seek to satisfy their "needs" physiological, showing them where, his body bloodied and his clothes in tatters.

Many believe that the spirit of the blonde in the bathroom can be invoked by anyone who is willing to face him, just for that, the courageous push the box by downloading three times, then kick or a vase with force health, so that at the same time the supernatural figure appears ready to torment the first to enter the room.

So the express recommendation of someone who understands these issues: never throw the discharge three times, nor kick the toilet to unload their tensions or private college, because this procedure can put in front of the ghostly creature and terribly frightening.

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