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Banshee (English)

Banshee in the modern world often comes with scary figures like a malignant ghost.The depiction that it is so creepy and spooky was caused by a legend of Irish or Scottish that said Banshee comes from the spirit that haunts women murdered, or women who died while giving birth. This is contrary to the history of the role,they are actually far from being sadistic.
Banshee word allegedly comes from the Irish language or bean the bean Sidhe, which has the meaning "woman of the fairy world." While the Scottish Gaelic language, Banshee has a meaning as a people of peace or "those who bring peace".  

In Irish mythology, the Banshee is known as the spirit of a woman who indicates that death is imminent. Therefore, these creatures are also known by the nickname messenger of death. Some adherents theolopist and Celtic Christians even believe that the figure of the Banshee is the angels who fell and stuck on Earth.  

That led Banshee emerged as an intimidating figure may be related to its role as the goddess of death. Many kinds of stories that describe how to proclaim the death of Banshee. The simplest example is when a figure Banshee appeared in a house that a family member in the house will die.  

There is also a belief that the Banshee foreshadows death by singing a song containing the lyrics melancholy death in the family, whether sung by her own or possess a female family member.
The creature is believed to have close links with several noble families such O'Gradys Ireland, O'Neills, O'Briens, O'Connors and Kavanagh. If any member of the family who went away for the task or fight and die, the Banshee will notify members of his family by singing a song of grief around the house.  

Usually they sing right at the moment of death, even before news of the death was made and submitted to the authorities. If a Banshee appear simultaneously then it indicates the deceased was a great hero or a saint.  

Uniquely singing Banshee will vary depending on the Banshee relationship with the deceased or his family. When you have a good relationship and he pitched singing softly to comfort the family of the deceased.  

But if you do not like the family or the deceased, singing (though still mellow) pitched loud and scary. Even supposedly the Banshee will preach death does not like passing a horrible scream!
There is also a story that says that if someone died as a result of war or bloodshed, in addition to singing songs that Banshee will appear in the river near the family members of those who died while washing hair or clothes were covered in blood.  

According to legend, when we passed by a banshee who was washing clothes in a very friendly greeting and then we will gain their trust. That way he would tell the names of family members who would die later, or cremate a petition us. But not easy to please the Banshee because they just like smart people, particularly skilled in music and poetry.
There are several versions of the story about the appearance of Banshee, sometimes he reveals himself as an old woman, but she also bias manifests as a beautiful woman. Usually he appears wearing a white or gray with long, beautiful hair. 

In various myths explained that the Banshee really like their hair beautiful and diligent combing her hair with a beautiful silver comb. In a traditional Irish tale presented that if we find combs that look expensive and beautiful on the road, we should not touch it when taking it.  

Because the comb is believed to lie deliberately kept by them, and the person who took it would be harassed by the Banshee. Although not mentioned that their disorder can be fatal, but they can mislead us that it can not find a way to get home.
As proof Banshee is not just sucking thumbs or imagination of the Irish people, to date the Irish have some special place that is believed to be the abode of the Banshee. For example, a temple located at Dunluce castle residence believed to be tied to the family Banshee O'Donnels.  

O'Neills family even had a name for them is Maeveen Banshee. When there is a family of O'Neills who died, reported that Maeveen O'Neill castle will appear in the form of an old woman with a long white dress.  

Evidence Banshee recorded appearance in Dublin on August 6, 1801, when Lord Rossmore as head of the British military forces in Ireland died. Her best friend is Sir Jonah Barrington awoke to hear singing coming from outside the window.  

Half an hour later he came back to listen to the gentle sound of Rossmore's name three times, and right at that moment Lord Rossmore dead!
Sir Jonah Baringgton stated that the incident as a terrible experience in his life. And to the staff at the residence of Rossmore, the incident is evidence of the Banshee.

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